Baron Corbin On If He Was Over Exposed & Why He Was Off TV


Baron Corbin recently spoke with Sporting News where he discussed his recent push during WWE Extreme Rules, and why he disappeared afterwards.

On if he was overexposed before WWE Extreme Rules:

“I don’t think I was overexposed. I think it was a good thing for because coming from the ‘Lone Wolf’ as this big, angry guy that just tried to beat everybody up, it gave me a lot of depth in becoming Constable and giving me the microphone and playing off of Kurt (Angle) and the other superstars and abusing power. It was also one of those things where me handing me a promo and I’m opening the show. That’s an important spot. That’s a Roman Reigns spot or John Cena spot, The Rock spot, opening ‘Monday Night RAW’ and it was kind of sink or swim for me — ‘I gotta deliver this. I have to do a really good job at it and I kept crushing it so they’re giving me more and more.’ I think it made me ready for anything in WWE and it took me, as a performer, to another level. I think being under that much pressure is only going to help me throughout the rest of my career,” Corbin said.

On why he was taken off television following WWE Extreme Rules:

“I feel like it was a good thing to kind of recalibrate and look at things and see what I can change or evolve. Plus, just to kind of give the fans a break for a minute, to be missed. It’s so funny because my social media would be like, ‘Oh my goodness, a ‘RAW’ without Baron Corbin, that was the greatest thing ever’ to like after three weeks going ‘Wait, where’s he at? I miss him.’ It’s kind of a wild thing. So I think it was a good thing for myself and for everybody to get that little break and reload. If you see the same thing over and over and over, you get kind of tired of it. I think that’s a really cool thing about King of the Ring; we pulled it back for a few years and now it’s back and people are really excited about it,” Corbin said.


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