Fitness Bands That Are Cheap But Will Come Every Day To Your Work

If you feel that your lifestyle is sluggish and you want to motivate yourself to move forward then taking a fitness band can be a good option. is. A fitness band is a wearable that you always wear, even when you are sleeping. This means you can keep an eye on your activity. With the help of a fitness band you can track steps, heart rate, sleep and calorie burn etc.

Affordable fitness trackers are very comfortable that they can be worn all day. Before purchasing an affordable fitness band, keep in mind what your expectations are, such as advanced fitness goals such as running in a marathon. If this is the case, you will have to get Sports Oriented Wearable. Affordable fitness bands are also good if you need basic tracking.

Best budget fitness band in India: Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 India Has the most affordable fitness band. We found during the test that it provides accurate step and sleep tracking. Me Band 3 also tracks the heart rate well. The Me band has an exercise mode capable of continuously tracking heart rate and in our tests it was very accurate. Since the Mi Band 3 does not have a GPS chip, you will not be able to track the distance correctly or track the running route.

The battery life of the Mi Band 3 is also excellent, once charged The band collaborated for more than a week. It is also waterproof, so if you have worn it even in rain then you need not worry because it will spoil. Mi Band 3 has been priced at Rs 1,999 in India.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

Honor Band 4 Running Edition on wrist or with device Can be attached to footwear with the help of accessory. Even though it is available for Rs 1,599, but in wristy mode it is not much better than Xiaomi Mi Band 3. But this product is quite useful in foot mode. If you prefer not to wear any wearable on your wrist while running, then with Honor Band 4 Running Edition you can get accurate distance tracking capability for a low price.

People running Honor Band 4 Running Edition Good for those who want distance tracker at an affordable price. It is waterproof which is one of its great features. However it is not very useful for those tracking other activities like gym workouts, cycling etc. It does not have GPS or heart rate tracking support.

Lenovo Ego

Lenovo Ego is as good as Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for basic activity tracking. The Lenovo Ego looks exactly like a digital wristwatch. One thing to note is that the Lenovo Ego is quite large. The Lenovo Ego is a strong performer at this price. We found that its tracking was accurate but there was little doubt on its heart rate sensor. Its battery life is also good, once charged it lasts for about 10 days.

This is how we selected the best affordable fitness band

At Gadgets 360 we have been a fitness wearable for many years. Have been reviewing We have reviewed many big brand affordable fitness bands. The first step is to decide the budget and this time we have fixed the budget of Rs 2,500. This is because hardly anyone would want to pay more for basic activity and sleep tracking.

Basic activity and sleep tracking are accompanied by inactivity alerts, basic notification support, basic water resistance and good battery life. Heart rate tracking is a bonus feature in this budget. We reviewed all the products but we have chosen two best fitness bands based on test results.

Honor Band 4

It could have made its place in our top best fitness bands but it In our test, Mee Band 3 did not perform as well. Honor Band 4 offers some additional features such as workouts can be tracked using smartphone GPS.

Mi Band HRX Edition

This is a variant of Mi Band 2 Which is equipped with no heart rate sensor. It can perform basic fitness tracking well (step tracking, sleep tracking and basic notifications). It is priced at Rs 1,299 but the Mi Band 3 offers better activity tracking and also has a slightly larger display. If your budget is low then Mi Band HRX Edition is also a good option.

Lcare Band 2S

For this fitness band you will have to spend a little more money because it costs 2,895. Is Rs, it provides blood pressure monitoring. This feature is good but this fitness band has not performed well in our tests.

Fastrack Reflex 2.0

This is a waterproof fitness band with features like activity tracking, sleep tracking and notifications. However, reviews from some customers of the FastTrack Reflex 2.0 show that he is not happy with its performance. We reviewed the previous version of the Fastrack Reflex and compared to it there will be some improvements but overall this product has not made it to our top list.

iVoomi Fitme

This product Is available for less than Rs 1,000 which means it is getting half the price from the launch price. But its tracking accuracy and battery life are not very good, which is why it could not make it to our top best fitness band list. <! –


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