NSA Doval on intercepted messages from Pak should we send you bangles – message to dorms from Doval, Pak after intercept message



The situation that was created after the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir has started to become quite normal now. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval said that about 750 trucks are leaving Srinagar daily.

Leaders can challenge in court

On the issue of detention of a politician in Jammu and Kashmir, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval said – all things have been done according to the law, and they can challenge their custody in court. He said that politicians are in preventive detention. If people were united there, law and order situation could have arisen. Terrorists could use this position.

Ban Depends on Pak Behavior

Doval said that how long the sanctions will continue in the valley depends on how Pakistan treats us. Action will be taken according to the situation. If Pakistan behaves properly, there will not be terrorist intrusion and Pakistan will stop sending signals to the operatives through its tower, then we can lift the ban.

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The National Security Advisor further said that Pakistan is propagating lies and some unknown people are talking about one or two incidents as public opinion.

Things are improving rapidly from Jammu and Kashmir

Doval said that I believe that it is getting better located in Jammu and Kashmir than we were thinking. Only one incident has come to light in which a youth has died on 6 August. He has not died from a bullet bullet. The post-mortem report has revealed that he died because of something concrete. There has been only one incident in these days, when we are talking about the areas where terrorism is happening.

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