PlayStation 5 to be launched holiday season 2020, new controller updates and more


It's been almost six years since the launch of the PlayStation 4. Judging by the life cycle of most modern consoles, a 7-year average begins to emerge. So we can safely assume that the Sony PlayStation 5 could be coming out next year, right? Well, Sony has just announced the launch of the PlayStation 5 and it's just as predicted. The console will ship 'Holidays 2020'. So you better start saving up as soon as possible.

Sony also announced a bunch of updates to the DualShock controllers as well. The company will be replacing current rumble tech with a more advanced version. The controller will ship with haptic feedback technology. What this means is that there will be a wider range of feedback when it comes to the rumble feature. Could it function like the Nintendo Switch’s Joy Con’s, with their HD rumble feature? We have really know the answer until we have the system in our hands.

Anohter change to the controllers will the addition of pressure sensitive triggers or ‘active triggers’ on the controllers. Again, this may sound confusing but it's rather simple. This feature will be implemented in the controller's L2 / R2 triggers, thus giving these triggers increased sensitivity when performing actions such as drawing a bow or even pulling the trigger of whichever weapon carrying. Sony also says that developers will be able to program the resistance of the triggers as per the requirements of a game. It remains to be seen how this feature will function, but it looks like Sony is taking all the right steps.

A few other details were also released such as the fact that the GPU on the PlayStation 5 will feature ray-tracing options as well. It was first reported that Sony were going to use software to replicate ray-tracing on the PlayStation 5 but now the company says that ray tracing will be a hardware feature, not a software solution. The PlayStation 5 will also use 100Gb Blue-ray discs, but users will still have to install their games onto the SSD on the PlayStation 5. There was a presentation a few months ago wherein loading speeds in the new Spiderman game were significantly shorter than the PlayStation 4. Sony will also allow developer to prioritize which parts of the game they want installed. For example, if considering only playing multi-player, then the installation will only consist of the multi-player portion of the game and nothing else.

Sony also revealed that the company will be revamping its User Interface on the PlayStation 5. Sony says that you'll be able to see (and launch directly into) specific features of a game, like a single-player level or multiplayer match, directly from the home screen, instead of first having to launch the game and then navigate in. You will be able access particular features of a game such as jumping into a single-player game right from the launch screen itself. No more navigating a game to get to the juicy bits, being now able to jump straight into the portion of the game you wanted without any other hassles.

As of now, we do know that Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 5 will come with a CPU that is based on AMD's third-gen Ryzen range as well as a GPU based on AMD's Radeon Navi. It will also come with support for 8K video as well as PS4 backwards compatibility and an ultra-fast SSD. As of now, without any other info to go on, we can only speculate as to what the PS5 will look like. We probably expected to be getting a look at the design of the console any time soon but maybe considering getting lucky at early next year.


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