Review of Intex Aqua Lions N1 Equipped with Hike Total

If very low priced Android smartphones are in the market today, the credit goes to 'Android Go'. We also heard these smartphone announcements at MWC 2018. The new name in this list is of Intex Aqua Lions N1 . Competition has intensified after launching Reliance Jio's Jio Phone (read review) and now phones like BSNL to Micromax Bharat 1 are standing in queue

Recently Hike has launched a smartphone in partnership with Airtel, which is priced as much as a feature phone. We explored this Intex Aqua Lions N1. The low price of this smartphone with the Airtel plan effective price is Rs 1,649. The major feature of the phone is hike total. This platform provides the user with other facilities like sending messages without internet, receiving news. how does it work? We got to know in detail.

How is the phone and what is in it, know …


Seeing the body and build quality, the phone can be guessed. Will be low cost. This phone with black color and plastic body is quite small as of today. It weighs only 112 grams. The quality of the plastic used in it is also average, but with a matte finish it does not look 'very cheap' either. The back has textures, which make it easy to hold the phone. In the box the user gets a power adapter, data cable and also a headphone. By offering headphones at this price, the company has tried to please the user. The design of the phone could have been further improved, plus the micro USB connector does not fit properly in the phone's port. Such drawbacks should have been overcome.

The phone has a 4-inch display, which is equipped with 480×800 pixel resolution. This makes the text appear blurred. Viewing angles are also not that good. Turning the phone right-left makes the screen look black. The display and the tempered glass are not connected to each other, the difference of which is clearly visible. Along with this, fingerprints also come due to this. The edges of the phone are thick, the navigation button is not backlit. The phone does not have a notification LED or ambient light sensor but a front camera has been given. The volume and power buttons are on the right side of the phone. At the same time, the headphone socket and micro-USB are present in the upper part of the phone.

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The rear center of the phone has a camera with LED flash, which is just below the camera. There is room for the speaker at the bottom. The back cover of the phone can be removed. Also the battery can be removed. 2 micro SIM slots inside, a mic The rosd card slot is available. It is possible to use a card up to 128 GB. Overall the Intex Aqua Lions N1 is a plain cheap Android phone.

Intex Aqua Lions N1 specification and feature

The hardware of the phone is also fine. It has a quad core MediaTek MT6737V processor. 1 GB RAM is available for Jugalbandi. Storage is 8 GB. The phone has FM radio, G Is, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is also exist but the handset does not support USB-OTG. It has only two sensors – accelerometer and proximity. On the other hand the handset supports 4G VoLTE. The phone's performance on the benchmark site was poor.

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<p> Now on the phone display. It runs on Hike Total, which is a custom version of Android. Exactly like Indus OS. Hike Total is specially designed for the Indian market. Platform. It supports 8 Indian languages ​​and provides some services without internet connection. Haiya is able to get it done. </p>
<p> Hike hasn't 'mated' much with the Android Nougat UI, it's largely like stock Android. There are offline apps on the left-home screen. These include bus tickets and games. Some important apps like Off the Day are also included. You can also try the app by picking it up from the bubble. To use the offline app, you have to create a total account and get Airtel SIM verified. </p>
<p>Comes as Tar, they will be able to use offline. Currently available for cricket, recharge, hike car, train info, news, messaging, offline UPI, total offline use app like data pack. We tried the offline app from the postpaid Airtel SIM and the experience was better. These apps have to be used like USSD code. Exactly the same process by which we will be able to check the balance by phone. </p>
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<p> In this, you will be able to chat with existing friends on the User Hike with the existing Hike Messenger app. It also works like a common SMS app before sending the message. It checks the existing user's hike. It then switches to the chat interface. However, our pod It did not work in the system, we sent a regular SMS. If you want to take this service, you have to download the Google Messenger app. </p>
<p> Hike Messenger also works offline. With this you can send text messages and stickers without internet connection. If you have to send a picture or a large file, you have to buy data packs. Data packs for hike total phones are different and are very discounted but only for Airtel user The same is valid. There is a plan of 1 rupee for 20 MB, which runs for 1 day. For 1 GB of data you will have to spend 49 rupees. Its validity is for 28 days. However, nothing has been clarified as to how long these data pack prices will remain valid. There is a warning to buy a data pack as soon as you open Hike Messenger. All the others start showing errors on using free apps without internet connection. </p>
<p> Hike wallet is the only option left to purchase these packs. You get a bonus of up to Rs 200 after completing the KYC process. You will need to submit an Aadhaar card, driving license or any government certified credentials. Apart from this, you get pre-installed apps of My Airtel and Wink Music. However, these are not permanent, you can also remove them. There are some changes to the Settings app, which we have seen in budget smartphones with media-tech processors before. Among them is Dura Speed, with the help of which the app keeps running in the background. Also the SOS button can be configured with this.  </p>
<h2> Camera and Battery </h2>
<p> Generally Android phones equipped with 1GB RAM do not perform as well. The same problem exists with Android Nougat. 80 percent of RAM is used, you have 174 MB left. Due to this, Android gets stuck and the app also takes time to open. Forget the better performance of 3D games. The interface of the phone ran fast at some places, but later the same slowness was seen. </p>
<p> The fingers stagger on the keyboard at times due to poor touch response. Keys response is also slow. However, we did not have any problem with 4G VoLTE support in the phone. Also, the call quality on the earphones was also better. The phone is capable of delivering 1080 pixels of video, but the viewing angle and poor contrast of the small screen makes the work worse. The speaker is also not fast. The alert feature is fine. The headphones are decent, it would be dishonest to expect better than this. </p>
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<p> The rear of the handset has a 2-megapixel fixed-focus camera. The front camera is 0.3 megapixels. Photos taken during the day were overexposed. Picture clarity missing. And the colors are not even better. In low light the picture remains grainy and unclear. It will feature common shooting modes like panorama and face beautification. The phone supports video recording up to a maximum of 720 pixels. The quality is high enough to be used. The front camera is of VGA resolution, enabling the phone to take better pictures. . </p>
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