The design of OnePlus 7 can be something like this …


Photo Credit: Twitter / Sudhanshu Ambhore

OnePlus 7's design might be something like this …

OnePlus There have been many leaks related to the 7, but lately, the case render of the OnePlus 7 has leaked (leaked photo) leaked. A glimpse of next-generation OnePlus flagship phone design by leaked photo View There are many cut-outss in the case render, the location of the pop-up selfie camera has also been shown in the upcoming OnePlus 7 smartphone.

OnePlus 7 Vertical triple rear camera setup with LED flash is available in the background, and cut-outs for USB Type-C port is also seen in the case render.Tiping website Sudhanshu Ambhore, a Top Contributor on the Tipping Website Slashcall, At leaked . Looking at the render shows that [1 9459018] OnePlus can be equipped with the 7-low-low display. A cutout of the pop-up selfie camera module is also seen.

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<p class= A look at Bezal-Less Display in OnePlus 7
Photo Credit: Twitter / Sudhanshu Ambhore

While there is a secondary microphone on the upper part of the phone, at the bottom of the phone there is a USB type-c port, loudspeaker grill and primary microphone. There is a cutout in which it appears that it can be used for the SIM card tray, which is because the handset is not cutout for the SIM card slot.

Phone There is a volume button, power / lock and alert slider in the side of the side.OnePlus logo and three rear cameras on the back panel, LED flash is also found just below the camera setup. We provide authentic case render Received are unable to verify. Typically smartphones send dummy calls to major case render companies before launching the brand handset.

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<p class= OnePlus 7 case render leak, three rear cameras in the rear portion of the phone
Photo Credit: Twitter / Sudhanshu Ambhore

This is not the first time that leaks related to OnePlus 7 have surfaced. In the 7 pop-up selfie camera can be given. OnePlus CEO Pete Law had confirmed in February that Wireless Charging support will not be available in OnePlus 7. Besides, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau There was a signal from a different Weibo Post that the phone would not have a 3.5mm headphone jack, the OnePlus 7 could have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, a 6.5-inch Amoled display, in the phone for security. -Display Fingerprint Sensor can be replaced. <! –


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