This feature will be missed in the iPhone 11 series


The iPhone has been upgraded from chip to camera but reverse charging is a popular feature of the present day. While this feature can be seen in most premium phones of the present time. Companies like Huawei and Samsung have launched this feature in their premium phones.

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Reverse charging feature not found
Apple's new series was expected to feature reverse charging. With the help of reverse charging, one device has the ability to charge another device and charge its own battery from it. But this feature did not come in the new iPhone. Let us tell you that before the launch, there was a possibility in the tech world that reverse charging feature will be seen in the upcoming iPhone 11 models but it did not happen.

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Apple Pencil not found
Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, there have been constant speculations that Apple will also accompany Apple Pencil in one of the models of its new phone i.e. Apple 11 Series Can give, but this feature was not seen. The Apple Pencil works exactly like the S Pen that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note series and smartphone users can use it as per their convenience.


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