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Vivo has now become part of the list of top 5 smartphone vendors in the world. It would not be wrong to call this journey amazing. The Chinese smartphone maker has come a long way since opening shop in 2009. It has also managed to carve a niche in the Indian market through its premium image.

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<p> The company recently introduced the handsets Vivo V3 and V3 Max. They are priced at Rs. 17,980 and Rs. 23,980 respectively. The V3 is priced in the 'Value for Money' segment. It would not be wrong to assume the part. At the same time, expensive V3 Max is fantastic in terms of performance and specification. Today it is <a href= will review Vivo V3 Max . Most of its features are mid-range smartphones, but it is equipped with powerful chipset. Let's know about Vivo V3 Max in detail.

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<p> [194590089] Look & Design ] <br /> Vivo V3 Max is not a small phone anywhere. It has a 5.5-inch screen and weighs 168 grams. It would not be wrong to call it phablet, it is not for those who want to handle the phone easily. It has body metal. Although the finish is a bit nostalgic. </p>
<p> A small Vivo logo will appear in the top of the phone. Apart from this, the front camera and proximity sensor are also in the top. Capacitive buttons are on the bottom. Sadly, they are not backlit. It is not that easy to use them in the dark.  </p>
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<p> The phone has power and volume buttons on the right side and a hybrid SIM tray on the left. There is a 3.5mm socket on the top and a micro-USB port at the bottom, There are microphones and speakers. </p>
<p> The camera, flash, Vivo logo and fingerprint sense are present on the back of the phone. . The sensor does its job well. You can store up to 5 fingerprints in the sensor. It is possible to unlock the phone without activating it. </p>
<p> The screen of the phone is full-HD. It is extremely sharp and It doesn't hurt to read anything on the screen in high light. Colors are vibrant and appropriate.  </p>
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<p><strong> Specification and data Ftveyr </strong> <br /> new octa-core Vivo V3 Max Qualcomm Snapdragon has been used 652 chipset. The Snapdragon 652 is a very capable mid-range chipset. Qualcomm claims that its performance is of flagship grade. It has 4 GB RAM which will work to further strengthen the performance. Inbuilt storage is 32 GB which can be expanded via microSD card (up to 128 GB). </p>
<p> The phone has a 3000 mAh battery and also has support for USB OTG. It is a pity that you will be able to use only two SIM cards or one SIM card and MicroSD card at a time. Dual-engine charging feature is provided in the phone to charge the battery quickly.  </p>
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<p> The V3 Max smartphone runs on Android 5.1, above which Vivo's custom Funtouch OS 2.5 has been used. Compared to other Android smartphones Very different. Because Funtouch is designed to give an iOS-like feel. Especially the set The Games app is very different from other Android phone settings. </p>
<p> There is no doubt that it is an Android phone. But on most occasions it appears that an attempt has been made to copy iOS. If you use Android If you are used to it then it will take time for you to get started with Vivo V3 Max OS.  </p>
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<p> <strong> Camera </strong> <br /> The Vivo V3 Max has a 13-megapixel primary camera along with a single tone LED flash. There is also an 8-megapixel front camera with it. With both cameras, you will be able to record videos of 1080 pixels. Apart from this, they are also equipped with popular video and photo modes like Panorama, Slow Motion and HDR. </p>
<p> The camera app takes special care of simplicity. Apart from this, there is a feeling of freshness in using it. It does not hurt to have access to critical control. It does not have any settings menu. Manual mode is also available which gives you more control of photography.  </p>
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<p> Photos taken from Vivo V3 Max came out very sharp and bright. But the color is not a bit sad and excited. The ones used. There was no lack of detail in the photos. They do not break even when zooming more. </p>
<p> Moving objects from camera It takes time to capture the capt. It blurs on most occasions. The videos are recorded well. Overall, the photos are sharper on most occasions, but cannot be called spectacular.  </p>
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<p> <strong> Performance </strong> <br /> Vivo V3 Max manages to win hearts in terms of performance. This is far ahead of most phones in this price range. This phone accomplishes difficult tasks easily. Playing games on it is even more fun. This was possible due to 4 GB RAM. With its help, many apps run at a time, but the performance does not affect. The handset's benchmark test results are also excellent. The funny thing is that this type of midrange smartphone very easily manages to beat the flagship phone in terms of performance. </p>
<p> The phone battery lasted 11 hours and 36 minutes in the video loop test. On common use, it will easily last a day.  </p>
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<p> This phone does get a bit hot when playing games and charging. 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity features work best when the phone is connected to the network. Doesn't hurt. </p>
<p> <strong> Our verdict </strong> <br /> The Vivo V3 Max is a very capable mid-range smartphone that offers all the Depar It manages to win the tournament. It has a good design. The fingerprint sensor works fast and accurately. The screen is good and the performance is also good. The battery life is also satisfactory. Some of the shortcomings of the camera department are ignored. The phone passes good scores in every department. Just … our complaint is about the price of the Vivo V3 Max. It does not match the product at all. </p>
<p> The correct comparison of S <a href= Xiaomi Redmi Note will be 3 which is found in half the price. If you want to spend Rs 25,000 for the phone, then Xiaomi Mi 5 ( Review ) is a much better package.

Apart from this, there are many such phones in the market. Those who give the same experience for less money, such as Lenovo Vibe X3, Google Nexus 5X and OnePlus 2. However, if you are looking for an Android phone that gives you the feeling of using iOS and its performance is also good, then it will not be wrong to think about Vivo V3 Max. <! –



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