Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman to be conferred with Vir Chakra on Independence Day

Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthman on Vir Independence Day 2019 Vir Vir Chakra Award Will be awarded. In addition, Air Force Squadron Leader Minty Aggarwal will be awarded the War Service Medal.

The Pakistani F-16 aircraft was dropped by Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan during the tensions that arose after the Airstrike at terrorist camps in Balakot, Pakistan after the Pulwama attack. Explain that the Veer Chakra is India's wartime medal of valor. This honor is given to soldiers for exceptional bravery or sacrifice. In preference it comes after Mahavir Chakra.

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At the same time, Abhinandan, the wing commander of the Indian Air Force, has recently passed the medical test. With this, Abhinandan will now be able to fly soon. The Bangalore-based Institute of Aerospace Medicine, an organization examining the fitness of the pilot, declared Wing Commander Abhinandan fit to fly.

On the condition of anonymity, an Air Force official had said that some paperwork was pending. After its completion Abhinandan will have to take a course. Because they have not flown for a long time. On completion of the course, Abhinandan will be able to fly once again. Wing Commander Abhinandan was earlier posted at the Srinagar-Airbase. But due to security threat he was taken away from the valley and now he is posted in frontline airbase in Rajasthan.

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